the korg kaossilator…

meanwhile, at the same time, work continues on the videos of korg kaossilator live performances from the december 27th, 2011 session.

even by my somewhat prolific standards, the session was a marathon – I think I recorded something like 30 plus tracks over the course of a few hours, most of them, single live take one takes.  after an initial review of the audio performances (I always focus on the audio, the video is secondary) that pared it down to about 16 viable performances.

further review later revealed a few tracks that were still not up to standard, so now the total number of viable tracks from the sessions stands somewhere between 11 and 14 – approximately.  when I sit down to make each video, that’s when the final decision gets made.

since I had such a wealth of good material from the session, I undertook to create a dedicated channel named kaossilatorHD to present the results, because I felt that many of the performances are quite strong and some of the material is really quite good – especially the drone / ambient style pieces (I believe there are either 3 or 4 of those, I am not quite sure without looking at the directory) but I feel that the device has potential, and was therefore worthy of its own youtube channel.

a couple of days after the session, I uploaded the first two videos, “alchemy & magic I” and “zencouraging” – the latter garnering an immediate video response from an old bandmate/bass player that i used to be in a band with many years ago, my old friend michael p. dawson (now of the band “stumbling grace”) – and it was a real surprise in so many ways, a lovely, thoughtful response, and the flute part that michael played atop my track is downright beautiful – so quite a response for my first kaossilator videos ever.

earlier today, I released the next two videos from the session onto the kaossilatorHD channel: “sandstorm” is another in the ambient / drone category, while “miles of files” is a piece of strange synth jazz, with a wonderful synth trumpet solo at the end.   so part of tonight’s work was the creation of videos five and six, with a view to publish those next weekend – the plan being to create and release two videos a week until I run out of videos…at which point, it will be time to record some more!

playing the kaossilator is incredibly liberating. I’ve been playing the piano for about…49 years now roughly speaking, and the guitar for between 40 and 44 years, depending on when you count from (I had a guitar at nine, but didn’t get “serious” about playing it until I was about 13 – which is when I started playing in bands) – so all my life, I have played on and been dependent on, keys and strings, strings and keys.  the kaossilator tosses such conventions out the window and says “I can do all that and more on a tiny x-y pad” – and…so it can.

so video five, “minibus to nowhere” is complete and ready for eventual release, while video six, “southeast by southeast” is rendering right now.

if you have a chance, please visit the kaossilatorHD channel and listen to this remarkable musical and creative tool – it’s brilliant!


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