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  1. I have a question; what was the originally planned, originally announced track listing for The Turning?

    While working for Word Australia for a few months I saw a promotional mailout for The Turning that listed a different set of songs. I remember thinking “that’s a LOT of ‘don’t’s’ and ‘can’t’s’!”

    I’m guessing the record company insisted there be less negativity on the album and some ‘B’ tracks were substituted and certain songs held over for The Indescribable Wow. When I got my copy of TIW I thought “so THAT’s where those songs went!

    I never kept a copy of the mailer, I had no idea it would be important, but my guess is the original The Turning track list might have looked like this:

    River of Love
    Love Is Not Lost
    Carry You
    Beating Heart
    Answers Don’t Come Easy
    I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye to You
    I Can’t Stop Crying
    What You Don’t Want to Hear
    God Is Watching You

    It would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it? Even if there were two versions of those can’t/don’t songs!

    • Hi there and thanks for your posting

      The Turning did indeed, have two possible running orders – but, I can’t prove that, I don’t know how I know it – but I do know it.

      I had it on vinyl originally, and then CD…but I seem to remember something about a different running order.

      The order you posted here, with TIW songs near the end, is strange but believable. I think we need someone from the record label or Sam herself to answer this one – I just don’t know. It would have been cool if there were actually physically two different running orders, and I’ve seen that happen – I have a weird version of Peter Hammill’s “Skin” that has the tracks all mixed up very strangely indeed. Pressed wrong, actually, I think. But intentional or no, this is a very, very good question – for which I do not have a very good answer.

      I can easily believe that she was told “lighten it up a bit” – easily. And whatever was going on behind the scenes – well, the running order that we all know and love – is still pretty dark when compared to the albums preceding it, and in fact, those following it, for that matter !! I’ve always felt that it was a “dark” record, I can’t say exactly why. She has darker songs, on other albums (“The Black Sky”, anyone) but this record, has a dark mood to it.

      In any case – it’s her first great masterpiece, and nothing will change that. Long live “The Turning” I say – and if you haven’t heard it – buy it.

      peace and love
      dave 🙂

    • Hi Paintergirl,

      That’s really good of you to say, thank you for your very kind words. I think artists like Sam Phillips work very hard for a very long time, make a lot of very different and non-mainstream albums, but just don’t get the recognition that they probably deserve. I can’t wait to write the followup, because the “Long Play” series of recordings are really, really excellent.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      all the very best,

      dave 🙂

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