4 responses to “the long play – sam phillips

  1. It was brilliant, The Long Play, wasn’t it – I still can’t believe the consistency of Sam’s output over that period, with so much music in such a short time!

    Thanks for the nice, detailed overview. Always great to see that someone else “gets” Sam. I expect that right now the new Gilmore Girls is probably introducing her to yet another swathe of fans.

    As soon as I heard Magic For Everybody I knew I had to try covering it, and so it appeared on my “Pop Art” album with a bit of the ELO shuffle-stomp style that it seemed (to my ears) to suggest somewhere in its feel and melody.

    I would love Sam to do something similar again. And I wish, for the world’s sake, that she would make the entire Long Play available online permanently. I’m glad I have my copies downloaded and backed up several different ways 🙂

    • I could not agree more. I love “The Long Play” – so glad I decided to download the whole thing! As you say, backed up properly too 🙂

      Thanks for your comments.


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