about dave stafford – ambient loop guitar

dave stafford is an ambient loop guitarist and founder of the ambient microlabel pureambient.com.

he works with acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synthesizer, bass guitar, komplete 9 ultimate, including guitar rig pro, software synthesizers including the m-tron pro mellotron and true piano; the kaossilator x-y pad synthesizer, many, many music applications, and any number of other instruments real or virtual.

more recently, he has been working with music applications on the ipad, including but not limited to nanostudio, the korg iKaossilator, the korg iMS-20, the moog animoog, the moog filtatron, bassline, fairlight pro, mugician,  itabla pro, and a large assortment of application instruments, effects and processors including djembe, hang drum, harmonium, amplitube and ishred live. since this was written, most of the apps listed above, have taken a back seat to a plethora of newer apps, which become more and more sophisticated each month and year; now, it’s Sector, TC-11, Thor, Nave, Sliver, Thesys, iVCS3 (!!), Magellan, iFretless Guitar, AmpkitPlus, Shredder Synth, and a host of others, bring them on, there can never be enough 🙂

dave has recorded a large number of cds over the years, but more recently has adopted a “download-only” strategy to enable him to focus on performance and recording, rather than manufacturing and distribution, so the more recent releases have all been download only, all available either through the pureambient store at http://www.pureambient.com/zencart, or, more recently, almost the entire Dave Stafford catalogue has been added to davestafford.bandcamp.com, where Dave’s historical previously-on-CD albums share space with his more recent ‘music for apps’ and ‘music for pcs’ series of ‘eternal albums’.

eternal albums have no limit on track count, each application, PC soft synth, or other unique musical instrument gets it’s own eternal album, and then as new tracks are produced, they are added to the album, so any number of tracks can be added every month…until there are potentially, hundreds of tracks, added over many years.

work on a historical cassette restoration project that will become a complete audio history of his music, the “dave stafford / pureambient audio companion” has been suspended temporarily due to so many more pressing music projects (including a complete rebuild of the pureambient studio) have simply not permitted Dave time to continue work on it, but, work will continue as time does permit…the companion is online, but there have been no recent updates.

upcoming collaborations with both Bryan Helm and Ken Mistove are in the offing, which means, eventually, the second Scorched By The Sun album and the second Saffron Matted Voids albums will appear…very exciting prospects there, looking forward to both of those, probably for 2015.

Dave is also continuing to expand his knowledge of iOS apps, and has added a few new gems to the collection, which should be making their debuts as soon as some time can be spent on audio mixing…there is a lot of music still to come in 2014!!


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